This is the "jewel" of our Chandelier collection. It is made of the finest premium highly-faceted clear crystal. The range comes with a number of size options and metal accent options, including two sizes of wall scones which are a beautiful way to add layered lighting to a room. 

Premium Clear or Pale Blue crystal with Copper / Black Copper / Chrome metallic accents available.


6 Light - 490mm Height x 560mm Diameter

8 Light - 600mm Height x 640mm Diameter

10 Light - 660mm Height x 820mm Diameter

12 Light - 660mm Height x 820mm Diameter

18 Light - 700mm Height x 970mm Diameter

24 Light - 700mm Height x 970mm Diameter

30 Light - 1500mm Height x 1200mm Diameter

Lamp Type


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