A message from our team.


We're operating strictly under Level 2.5 rules, including social distancing. If you're high risk or concerned about visiting us in-person, it doesn't mean choosing lighting for your project needs to be delayed.

Only a small portion of what's available is listed on our website - we have many more items in stock, available to order, and of course, custom options.

We're still very much open and excited to work with you to find what’s best for your project - and we're ready to work remotely to assist you.


We are operating strictly under Level 2.5 rules.

How we can work with you

  • We're available for phone call consultation on (09) 377 0576.
  • We'd love to show you around our showroom and in-store samples via video consultation - just call or email us to set one up.
  • We can provide imagery, design advice and specifications over email - you can reach us at info@muranoplus.com.
  • Once you select your item - if it doesn't require installation, we can arrange a no-contact pick up or curbside delivery to your car. 
  • We can install lighting in-person or assist you over the phone if you're concerned about Covid-19 exposure.

We'll work with your installer too.

We're ready to assist you in your installation in-person or over the phone! Alternatively, if you have a qualified installer able to complete the project, we'd be happy to work with them to ensure they have everything they need to complete installation successfully.

Thank you for your patience and support - we’ve all had lots of time at home to dream of how our homes could look and we're excited to dive back into the 'bright' side of life with you.


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