For the love of light!

Bright chic things that sparkle...

Glass pendant lighting

 Be inspired Check out this lighting in these glass pendant kitchen projects They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We believe it's true. This lighting creates atmosphere, warmth, function and is just gorgeous.  Glass Pendant Lighting is beautiful and offers soft decorative accents from the diffused light that filtering through these glass pendants. This lighting is initially a discreet decorative accessory in the room yet can also be an unobtrusive focal point. This glass pendant lighting is just perfect also to retain a sense of open space . Our clients tell us that here at Muranoplus we have the largest selection of lighting in New Zealand. We carry classic lighting, industrial lighting, contemporary, vintage, period, art...

Quirky Kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen isn't just about seeing what's cooking... Have a bit of flair about it!  

Loft love


La Bohéme


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