Adara - Frame

The Adara chandelier is our glamorous solid brass frame with hanging and overlapping crystal arcs. Adds a touch of elegance to any Art Deco or Classical space. Also looks absolutely stunning in a contemporary setting. 

Available in many sizes and formats, even available as a wall lamp or ceiling mounted.

The Adara Frame features a solid brass frame that conceals the suspension studs for the crystal arcs, giving a clean finish. 

Frame (Style F) Dimensions

Small - 500mm Diameter x 320mm Height + Suspension

Medium - 600mm Diameter x 350mm Height + Suspension

Large - 700mm Diameter x 430mm Height + Suspension

  • Art Deco
  • Bedroom
  • Ceiling Light
  • Classical
  • Entrance
  • Feature
  • finish-Brass
  • finish-Crystal
  • glamour
  • Lounge
  • material-Brass
  • material-Crystal
  • Adara - Frame
  • Adara - Frame
  • Adara - Frame
  • Adara - Frame
  • Adara - Frame
  • Adara - Frame

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